Key West


One of my absolute favorite things during our trip around Florida was our visit to Key West and the 2 days we had the Harley Davidson. It was my first time ever on a bike like that and both me and Gustav was a bit "anti" about that kind of bike at first and we thought it felt so wrong...

After having some problems finding the right place, we finally got to Universal Studios. We had some "small" problems with our GPS a coule of times :P So it took us a while to find the right parking spot, but after we parked everything was super easy and smooth :)



This was a childhood dream coming true! I dreamt about this my whole life, visiting Disney World so I was so happy when I got the chance to do it on my birthday :)

This was a stop I had no idea I would appreciate as much as I did. We was so lucky that we met this amazing old lady at the hotel we stayed at in Everglades and she told us that if we are stopping along the road te go on an airboat tri we should stop by Corey Billie´s.

As you know I like to have a rental car on my trips so I can explore as much as possible. This trip we truly needed a car since our plan with this whole trip was a big road trip around Florida.

Daytona Beach


One of my favorite moments during our road trip in Florida was driving along Daytona Beach. I´ts just something I´m not used to do, I don´t know any beach in Sweden where you are allowed to take your car for a drive along the beach, maybe there are more places in the world you can do this, but for me this was my first time......

If you ask us this is the place to stay at if you visit Key West! Both me and Gustav totally fell in love with this place! It´s great located, they have free shuttle service from the hotel in to Key West city and back and the staff are the best! But still, the thing we really fell for was...

I´m a person who like´s to plan and have all the details finished before I do something. Gustav is more of a person that like´s to take things as the pass by. So we have had some discussions about how we should do during this trip.

Flight tickets are booked! We´re going to Florida for 12 days in the middle of November to celebrate my birthday :) The plan is to rent a car as soon as we land in Fort Lauderdale and then drive around and try to see as much as possible from different parts of Florida. We haven´t decided all the stops yet...