This was a stop I had no idea I would appreciate as much as I did. We was so lucky that we met this amazing old lady at the hotel we stayed at in Everglades and she told us that if we are stopping along the road te go on an airboat tri we should stop by Corey Billie´s. 

Well there was s many to choose from so it was impossible for us to know which one is the best, so we just trusted her and for that I´m very happy.

Gustav had done this one time before, he visited another aligator swamp a few years ago and he sad that you could not compare that one with the one we went to now, Corey Billies was something really extra!

When we first arrived we wasn´t really sure though, I actually even was on my way to turn around because it looked so desert. All the other places has big commercial signs and it looked more "fancy", but here it was just a small house and nothing more....

I´m so happy we decided to take a closer look because that "nothing" turned out to be EVERYTHING! This place was like no other place! Instead of big shows with the animals they brought us in as a part of the family, we got to meet the young aligators up close and got to learn everything about them, it was so educational and I was so fascinated! 

I give this place all my recommendations, the staff was amazing and you could really tell that it was all about making sure that the aligators was having a good life there.

The airboat trip was a relly nice experience. Even if we had not get to see any aligators the boat trip itself was memorable, but we was lucky to get to see 9 aligators, and yes they were really close, they swam around our boat a cuple of times :)