So glad we decided to make a stop in Slovakia! At first our plan was to just drive through it on our way to Hungary, but we made a last minute decision and decided to stop and explore Bratislava and for that I´m very grateful!

Since we had not plan this stop I had not done any research about it either. So when we arrived we did not know anything about it, what to see or what to do...

A quick search on google and we found a castle and quickly decided that we would go there. I was very amazed about how nice and clean everything was. It felt safe and welcoming! Even the garage to parl the car amazed me! I guess I had some bad preconceptions about Bratislava and it made me so happy I vent there in person to get to experience it myself, because non of my preconceptions was right! 

I was actually sad that we did not have the time to stay longer because I really liked this place! I would love to come back to explore the mountains and the nature there, hopefully another time :)