Daytona Beach


One of my favorite moments during our road trip in Florida was driving along Daytona Beach. I´ts just something I´m not used to do, I don´t know any beach in Sweden where you are allowed to take your car for a drive along the beach, maybe there are more places in the world you can do this, but for me this was my first time...

Good to know if you´re planning a visit to Daytona Beach, you have to pay an entrance to bring your car (it wasn´t much at all, but just so you know, bring cash + you can´t have the car at the beach after sunset so be there in time)

I´m so happy we went there. We almost cancelled it because we had stayed longer at other places so we didn´t have that much time left to keep on going on our road trip. But we decided to take us the time to go there, and WOW I´m so glad we did that!

We thought we would just go for a drive along the beach and then keep on going, but we ended up spending the day there and watched the sunset before we left. I truly recommend you to do the same. Stay and enjoy the sunset, it was magical!