We both started & ended our trip around Indonesia in Bali. We made a few different stops to get to see as much as possible from this beautiful Island. We visited Padangbai, Sanur, Ubud, Kuta, Uluwatu and Sanur. 

Below you can read more about every place we visited and also read about the hotels we stayed at during our round trip.

Ubud was actually one of my favorite places on Bali. I did not expect itto be that since it´s in the middle of the island, far away from the ocean and I had heard that it´s mostly just cloudy and rainy there...

If you want a little different experience you should visit Mason Elephant Lodge and park. They describe themselves like this:

I always do a lot of research before I go on a new trip. One of my favorite sources for inspiration is social media, it´s the perfect place to get to see what other people done and what they thought about it.

It´s almost hard for me to write my review about this place because this was one of the places that truly touched my heart. It had this family feeling that made you feel like you where home around your family and you felt that everyone cared about you, for real, not just because you paid for your stay.

We had not planned on staying at this hotel and then this hotel ended up being the hotel we stayed at for the longest. It all started with us wanting to visit Nusa Dua but knowing where to stay. We booked a 5 star hotel at the beach that looked good on pictures. But after checking in at that hotel...

Our plan when we arrived to Indonesia was to go straight to Gili Meno. But since we arrived to Bali in the evening we had to stay our first night somewhere on Bali.