I´m a person who like´s to plan and have all the details finished before I do something. Gustav is more of a person that like´s to take things as the pass by. So we have had some discussions about how we should do during this trip. 

But we have now landed in some kind of agreement about how we should do, and we decided that we will plan the first two days/nights and the last two days/nights. Since we know where we will land and fly off from and since you are guilty by law in the U.S to be able to show where you are planning to stay the first night/nights. 

So we decided to stay in Fort Lauderdale for the two first night of our trip. It will be a pretty long flight so it can be nice to just land and take it easy. The last night we will be staying in Miami, we gonna spend the last days of our trip down at Key West so Miami will be a good place to chill out at the last day/night before we fly back home again from Fort Lauderdale. 

The time in between we gonna be flexible, we want to drive around and see as much as possible from Florida. We have some check points we have decided to go to, like Orlando and Disney World and Universal Studios, then Tampa Bay to visit Gustav´s uncle, and as I mentioned earlier, Key West, we want to rent a motorcycle and drive out to Key West and spend at least one night there. But exactly when we are going to each place and how long we will stay there and where we will live, that´s the kind of details we gonna decide when we are there. Gustav thinks that´s the best way so that we can do exaclty what we want when we want it, and yeah he´s been there before so I guess I have to trust him on that one even though I prefer to book hotels and everything before :P

But if we go back to our first 2 nights, these 2 we had to book since you guilty by law to tell where you will be. So we found this really nice hotel in Fort Lauderdale, B Ocean resort, that we both liked. So now that is booked and I´m superhappy that I at least got to book something in advance :))

See the pictures below, dosen´t it look super nice :))

CLICK HERE to find out more about this hotel :)