You know the saying, "A picture say´s more than a thousands of words". Well, this is one of those moments when I don´t think it matter how many words I use, I will never be able to explain to you how amazing this place is! This really is a place you must witness yourself! I mean, not even the pictures truly justify´s it! 

I was close to tears several times during our stay in the Dolomites, the nature was so spectacular that I had a hard time taking it all in. I even felt speechless and if you know me in person you know that it´s a really hard thing to do, it´s gotta be something really extraordinary!

During our stay in the Dolomites we checked in at Baerenhotel. We had looked at a few different hotels online and then we drove up to them and checked them all out. When we got to Baerenhotel we both new that this was the place! 

The view among the mountains from the rooftop terrace was beyond amazing! And the atmosphere at the hotel WOW!!! The food is the best food I ever eaten!!! Honestly! I never ever eaten this good food! Best restaurant ever!!! 

I often feel like "I have to visit this place again" when I travel. But this time I feel extremely hard that I HAVE TO visit this place at least once a year!!! AT LEAST!!! 

MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE EVER!!! If someone would tell me, hey Jennie it was all just a dream, I would actually believe them because that´s how amazing this place what! Like a dream, the perfect dream!!!

Dolomites is the perfect place to visit all year around. In summertime it´s the perfect place for hiking or bicycling and in winter you can ski or snowboarding. But regardless on when you come here or what you are here for you HAVE TO visit the lake "Lago Di Braies". This place is insane!!!

If you go here I have some tips for you! Go early in the morning, they close the road towards the lake 9,00 in the morning. After that you can only go by bus and the place will get crowded.

Also, do yourself a favor and rent a boat and row out on this amazing lake! The price is 28 Euro for 1 hour and it is totally worth it, trust me!!! The boat rental opens at 9,00 as well, be there as the first person to rent a boat and you will get to have the whole lake for yourself for a while. We did just that and for almost 45 minutes it was just the two of us, our boat and we got to have the whole lake for ourselfs, magical!!! After 1 hour when our time was up, the lake was covered by boats, so if you want the same experience as us, be there early! :)