Ystad Saltsjöbad Sweden

In the south of Sweden you´ll find this beautiful place located down by the beach. One thing I highly recommend is that you get there very hungry, because the food is just delicious, and the breakfast is one of the best hotel breakfast´s I´ve gotten :)

Something I often hear people say when they are about to book a hotel for their vacation is that "the room isn´t important, we are not gonna stay in the room anyway". Well, when you are visiting this place i really Think tou should take some time to stay in your room. The beds are maybe the nicest ones I ever slept in and the rooms are so cozy and peeceful. Let yourself have a moment to enjoy your room, order some roomservice and just spoil yourself, you will not regret it I promise!

While you are here you have to take a walk along the beach, no matter if you are here during summer or winter time it is such a beautiful walk to take.

Find Ystad Saltsjöbad here: