During our stay in Brno we stayed at Barcelo Brno Palace and let me just tell you that this hotel was PERFECT! 

OMG it smelled so good! Literally everything and everywhere at this hotel it smelled so good! I don´t think I ever before have stopped to think about how good a hotel smells, but here I did it all the time! 

And the service! Amazing service in the reception! As you know we arrived by car and here you just drive up to the entrance and give your key to the hotel staff and they will park your car in their garage for you and keep it safe.

Our room was big & spacious, it looked beautiful and yes it smalled soooo GOOD! The location of this hotel was really perfect as well, Easy access by car and in the middle of everything so you had perfect walking distance to the cozy parks and all the sightseeing attractions :)

I truly recommend you to stay here if you visit Brno!!! We will for 100% come back to this place! <3

This was my second time to CZECH REPUBLIC and Gustav have been here several times before, but since both of us only been to Prague we decided to try a new city this time. We found some different places we would like to visit but decided to go to Brno since it was along our route, so it would be the perfect over night stay for us as well :)

Last time I was in Czech Republic I fell in love with it immediately! And this time was no different! I might even have liked Brno more! There was something really cozy about this cute city and it was so nice to be able to stroll the streets and do some sightsseing and eat at restaurants without the big masses of tourists that you can get in Prague. 

Brno is a super romantic getaway where you can eat and drink good without needing to spend a fortune! You have a lot of cozy parks to stroll and beautiful places to see. People are friendly and welcoming and there´s just a really nice atmosphere around here, we LOVED it!!!