I was pretty chocked at first when we arrived to Skopje, Macedonia. I was not preparred to see so much poverty so up close and the way people was living... And then just a few meters away it was the straight opposite with luxury, well dressed people, elegant houses and exclusive restaurants...

At first I even felt I did not want to stay, I wanted to continue to drive through Macedonia to see something else than Skopje. I can´t put my finger on it, about what i was, but I just didn´t get a good feeling. However, I´m very glad we decided to stay because we really had a great time in Skopje after we started to find our way around and we actually ended up saying that we would like to come back! :) But nect time we will do the trip differently, we will choose to live on "the other side of the bridge", close to the center of the city, right next to the big fontain. 

About food, servide and the pople here I most say WOW! The food was really cheap and soooo good! And we got great service everywhere we went and people in genral was very friendly and helpful.

After our stay in Skopje we drove through Macedonia, down to the south to keep on going to Greece. And I must say that the landscape in south of Macedonia blow me away! Spectacular views! If you go to Skopje I really recommend you to rent a car and drive around the country to get to see all of it. The country ain´t that big so you can easily explore it all during a weekend trip :)