Hungary, where should I begin?!?!? This was the first time anyone of us visited Hungary. The plan was to visit Budapest but a day or 2 before we where supposed to arrive I found this amazing place down in south of Hungary. It was like a farm out in the middle of nowhere and it was something totally different from what we usually visit and the idea of that totally got me sold!

So we made some last minute changes, once again haha ;) And WOW! Let me just tell you, this is one of my favorite places I´ve ever visited!!! From the first second we arrived we felt som welcome and well cared for, it felt like coming home to your own family! <3

And the accommodations, wow, it really was something unique! We got to stay in one of the "yurts". It looks like really luxury tents, tents with jacuzzi´s and showers and toilets :D I swear that one day I will have a yurt of my own! I could really see myself having a yurt as a summerhouse somewhere :) 

But let´s move on and talk of the rest of this amazing place called Homokilodge in south of Hungary. Besides these cool yurt´s you can stay in you get to eat the best food! OMG it was so delicious!!! We got spoiled with a three course enu both for lunch and dinner every day.  

My favorite part from this trip is when we got to go out for a 3 hours long horse ride, WOW! I will never forget that! I´ve been riding my whole life, I´ve been having my own horses, so I see myself as a experienced rider. compared to Gustav who have tried horseriding twice in he´s whole life. We both got the best experience anyway! That´s what I loved with this place! They will truly see you for you and make sure you get memorys for life!

Besides the horse riding we also went on a jeep safari and got to see different animals and got to know more about the Hungarian history. 

I´m forever grateful for my stay at Homokilodge and I recommend everyone to take a break from there daily routines and come to this place at least on time in your life! For me this place will always have a special place in my heart and I can´t wait to go back! <3