Even though we only spent one day in Jamaica I felt we got a pretty got picture about this beautiful country and it´s friendly people living there. But with that said, one day is far from enough when you visit this place! 

We both got a bit dissapointed both that we did not have more time but also how we had planned the little time we actually had. We booked a round trip along the north side of Jamaica, but in the end we mostly spent time in a car watching from behind a window. The time´s we got to spend outside the car we mostly felt rushed. 

So we left pretty sad about our experience and but determinded about coming back as soon as possible since what we got to see and feel from behind that window was an amazing vibe  and beautiful places. Lakes, rafts, waterfalls, hills, nature overall and BIG friendly smiles on people. 

I´m very happy and I appreciate everything I got to learn about Jamaica, both historical things but also more personal things. I can´t wait to get back to explore more about this beautifal country!