Visiting La Vanille Nature Park was without any doubt one of my favorite experiences during our trip to Mauritius! We had such a great day, it was educatrional, the staff was Amazing both with the animals and with us as visitors.

Rent a car


I was a bit sceptic about renting a car at first. Primarly since it´s left side traffic here in Mauritius and you sit on the "wrong side" in the car.



Kayaking is a fun and easy way to explore the Island by yourself and still get to swim and be under the sun the whole day. You can stop for a swim whenever you want or just paddle to shore if you see a spot you like :) Plus you get a Little exercise during the fun times exploring as well :)...

Casela Park


There is a lot of different things to see and do at Casela Park, but for us it was one thing in particular that made us wanna give them a visit, the Giraffes!



There is a lot of things you can do & see in Mauritius. We had booked so many activities that we actually had to cancel a few of them otherwise we would not have time to relax and enjou our stay. But I´m hoping wo get back in the future and try the rest and also redo some of the stuff we already did because they where so great :)...