Gotland - on a motorcycle!

If you love motorcycle´s and you want to explore Sweden Gotland is the perfect place! 

Maybe Gotland wont show you the version of Sweden that you normally get if you visit the mainland, but Gotland will for sure show you my favorite version of Sweden, this place literally has it all!

It´s like the roads here where made for bikeriding and the nature is totally spectacular! I spent one week on my motorcycle,  driving across the whole island and I was amazed over the feeling that I had visited so many different countries while only been at this island, it simply had it all!

Through this post I want to give you some tips on what places you have to see and stops to make, even though all of Gotland is truly beautiful! 

To get to Gotland you can either take the ferry from the mainland or arrive by aircraft. If you´re planning to bring you´re own bike I highly recommend the ferry :P

I took the ferry from Stockholm and it´s just a few hour short trip. When taking the ferry you can either bring a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car. Or you can simply walk on the ferry and travel by foot. I took my car/van and brought my bike inside of it. That way I could bring more luggage and I also had a "garage" for my bike during my whole trip. The price for the ferry is very different from how and when you choose to travel, so for pricing I highly recommend you to check out for acurate prices.

We stayed in Gotland for 1 week, and we choosed to split the week into 2 parts and stayed the first half in the north parts of Gotland and the last half in the south. I most say I LOVE ALL OF GOTLAND! But if you dont have time to see everything and you´re coming simply to enjoy the roads/bikelife I recommend you to stay in the north. BUT! If you have the time, please go explore the whole island! You wont regret it! :)

I honestly think that we drove on every single road during our visit! We jumped up on the bikes early every morning and came "home" late in the evening. But with that said we didnt make stops at all places because our big mission this week was to enjoy the roads and the nature. Gotland have so much to offer that we couldn´t make time for everything.

With that said, as always, I had made my research before we went and I had a plan for what routes we should take and where to make stops. I always make like a little plan in advance and then I often make some changes along the way depending on reality. But I must say that our first plan was pretty much perfect this time and in the end we didn´t make that many changes. 

Okey, so lets talk about some of the stops you HAVE TO MAKE!

  • "Fårö"
    - You have to make stops at "Kutens bensin" & see the rauks "Digerhuvud" & "Langhammarsgubben". The drive out to Langhammarshuvud is one of the most amazing drives I ever done! 
  • "Bläse" & the lime use museum
    - Drive the coastline from Visby out to Bläse, you will love this road! Take a swim and eat some lunch at the lime use museum.
  • "Furillen"
    - Take a ride out here, bring your own "fika" and stroll around the spectacular area for a while
  • "Lergrav" & the rauks
    Park the bike and stroll around the rauks, they are spectacular. This is the perfect stop for some lunch down by the water. If you like smoked fish you gonna love this place. If not, fo like me and have some delicious waffles :)
  • "Boge/Slite"  & the sculpturefactory
  • "Smöjen" & take a swim in the lime-pit
    Gotland is filled with amazing lime´pits and you can´t go to Gotland without visitng at least one! :P
  • "Visby"
    Prepare for a place crowded woth tourists, but visiting Visby is pretty much mandatory when your visitng Gotland!
  • "Klintehamn" & Warfsholms guest house
    We booked one of the rooms at Warfsholm and stayed here for 3 nights. This place is WOW! Plus it´s a perfect place to start your bikeride every morning while you explore the south of Gotland :)
  • "Närsholmen" & the lighthouse
  • "Hoburgsgubben" & the spectacular rauks in the south of Gotland

And while driving between these places my best recommendation is to choose the smaller roads. It feels kind of wrong to say smaller roads sinceall the roads on Gotland are pretty small. But what you should try to do is to stay away from the "main roads". Thats where most of the traffic is plus those roads are pretty straight and "boring". If you want those really fine curvy motorcycle roads you should simply just take the smaller roads, they are amazing!!!

Some extra tips for Gotland

  • Bring "chain spray"
  • Buy some kind of mounting so you can attach your phone on the handlebar of your bike, this way you´ll always have a GPS 
  • Remember that you can pass the line when you´re taking a ferry. If you´re taking the ferry från Gotland to Fårö (which I highly recommend) you will most likely see a long line with cars waiting for the ferry. When we went the line was so long that it took 2 hour to reach the boat by car. BUT arriving with a motorcycle means that you are allowed (and supposed) to pass the line and in the front youll find a special line for motorcycles. You will be the first to enter end get off the boat. One more reason to choose a bike instead of a car ;)