This was my first trip to Portugal´s mainland. We decided to rent a car and go on a road trip during our whole stay so we could do some research for the up coming surf trips we planned later this year. 

I totally fell in love with Portugal, it was everything I expected it to be and so much more. I guess you could call it the small country with BIG variations. Below you can read my review about Portugal and also more about all the different places we stopped by, hotels we stayed at and more about Avis Car Rental service. 

Just click the links below to get some inspiration and "good to know" info and of course if your planning a trip to Portugal, don´t miss my "TOP 5" list about things to do in Portugal :)

BEST FOOD I EVER EATEN! If you want to stay right on the beach where you can find waves to surf Arribas Sintra Hotel is the perfect place! My favorite spot at this hotel is the restaurante! The staff is wonderful, we really liked the service in the restaurante both during dinner and breakfast! We had some of...

WOW Portugal! What a beautiful country you are! I was blown away with a landscape that reminded me of both Bali and Greece but I was happy to see how green it was everywhere.