Say Hello to crystal clear water and white sand beaches, if you ask me, say hello to paradise! 

We´ve been wanting to go here for such a long time and let me tell you, we did not get disappointed! 

From the first second when you fly in over Maldives you get completely amazed by how beautiful it is!

And yes, overwater bungalows and private villas have become synonymous with Maldives, I know, this makes many people look the other way because of the budget issue. But let me tell you, a few years ago the government made some changes and today the locals are alloved to hace bed and breakfast as well. So even if you are travelling on a tight budget you can find your way around here in Maldives :)

The one thing that´s still a bit pricy is the transport out to the islands/atolls. So if you are on a budget I suggest that you pick an Island close to Male (main island/airport) and stick to maximum 2-3 different islands.

The furter you have to travel the more expensive it gets and yes it can actually get as pricy as up to 1000 USD/person. But if you stay really close to Male you can just take a speedboat for like 50 USD/person, so picking island can really have inpact on your totalt costs in the end... Just something to have in mind :)