"Charm hotel in the incomparably enchanting Venice, overlooking the Rio della Sensa in the Cannaregio quarter where picturesque hidden courtyards whisper ancient legends and where the rooms will cradle you in luxury and comfort.In the city center near the Jewish ghetto and Campo dei Mori, the rooms at the Hotel Ai Mori d'Oriente instill a warm...

Venice Review


I´ve been to Venice once before, but I was way to young to remember it. This time I can promise you that I will remember this trip forever! WOW!

Gondola ride


A bit expensive, but you have to do it! For me it almost felt like you haven´t been to Venice if you haven´t been on a gondola ride during your trip. It´s the one thing I associate the most with Venice.

Palazzo Ducale


It´s so fascinating with all these buildings that man kind have created during the years. This building is not an exception! it was spectacular! If you want to go inside you have to pay an entrance. All the pictures below are from inside the payed entrance area.

I read somewhere that this place is called "the livingroom of Venice". Not sure if it´s true but if it is I can really see why. This is the big venue where everyone meets up. There´s always crowded, dosent´t matter if you come during the morning, night or in between. And as yu can see, people are not the only...