Before we travel to any destination, no matter how much or little we know about it we always read the embassay´s recommendations about traveling to each country. 

I guess a normal person would me terrified about going to Haiti after reading about it on the Swedish embassay website. Even we thought about it back and fourth and we was not sure about what we was getting ourselves into...

But we finally made the decision to go and see with our own eyes. We have learned that most of the times what they write is an exaggeration, I all countries have dangerous places, you always have to be smart and get as much info as possible about where it´s more safe to be...

We also thought about the fact that we read simular things about going to the Dominican Republic and we LOVED that country! And since DR and Haiti is attached on the same island we decided that we should GO! :)

With this said, I want to remind you all that we took a cruise and only stayed on the outside of Haiti for one day, so I can not reallt speak for the whole country, but let me tell you, we LOVED it and we dream about going back to explore everything! The reason why??? Well that´s easy, because of the people we met!!! 

We met so many locals, all ages, AMAZING, WARM, FRIENDLY people!!! And after our trip there I got a lot of respond from others who have travelled inside the real Haiti, everyone´s telling the same story, about these warm and nice people! So trust me when I´m saying that we will be back for more! And if you get the chance to visit Haiti, please go! The best way to turn a countries bad economic situation around is by visiting it! Support it by being a good tourist, eat local food and support the local people.

And trust me, you will not be dissapointed! Beautiful beaches, turquise water and so warm temperatures, I can´t wait to go back! 

Haiti you´re in my heart! <3