This was a childhood dream coming true! I dreamt about this my whole life, visiting Disney World so I was so happy when I got the chance to do it on my birthday :)

I went "all in" and got dressed up in a "Minnie mouse" dress. I remember saying to Gustav before we left to the park that maybe the kids will think I´m working there now since I´m dressed this way... But nope, no worries for that, because almost everyone was dressed in some disney character clothes, regardless the age :)

So what is my review about Disney World? It might not have been what I thought it would, but I´m so happy I went! As a grown up, 1 day is enough for a visit, you just want a nice day to stroll around the park and see everything, but when you´ve seen it you are pretty much satisfied. There are different Disney World parks, this was the part I had no clue about. I would have preffered to have 1 park. We choosed the park with the magic castle, that´s always been what I´ve been seeing in my head when I´ve been thinking about Disney Worldso it was a given choice :)

We visited in November and that might not be high season, so if you do like us, visiting this time you don´t need any VIP tickets, regular lines works just fine, we never needed to wait for anything and it never felt crowded :)

I had the greatest birthday and it was superfun strolling around in my costume and looking at all the real Disney characters :))