Key West


One of my absolute favorite things during our trip around Florida was our visit to Key West and the 2 days we had the Harley Davidson. It was my first time ever on a bike like that and both me and Gustav was a bit "anti" about that kind of bike at first and we thought it felt so wrong with the big stereo and the side bags, it felt like a bike for an old man and not a bike for two cool people like us haha ;)

BUT! Let me tell you this, the stereo and the bags became two things we LOVED about this bike. We both said like, lets not admit loving this bike to anyone, but I gotta be honest, we LOVED it!!! 

It was such an amazing feeling, I felt so free when we drove that bike over those long bridges out to Key West. We just drove back and forth over and over again and I didn´t wanna return the bike :P

So if you have a motorcycle drivers license, I´m telling you, do yourself a BIG favor and rent a bike and drive out to Key West, watch the sunset and just enjoy life! <3