WOW! Mexico is a new favorite of our´s! We´ve been wanting to go for a long time and now all we can think about is when we can go back! :P

We flew to Cancun and then went straight to Tulum and Coco Limited Hotel where we stayed in the most amazing master suite with a BIG terrace with a jacuzzi and endless ocean view!

We had decided before we went to Mexico that this trip was going to be pure vacation (thats new to us) and we should just enjoy our time there and take it day by day. And sure we did! We had an amazing time and we got to see some really beautiful places and we made memories for life, and as I started this text, all we can think about now is when we can go back! :)

As i mentioned, we stayed in Tulum during our entire trip and we felt very safe and relaxed. We was out walking late when it was dark on our way home after dinner. We walked along the beach and at the main road and we always felt safe. I must say that averall I felt very safe as long as we where along the "hotel-road" in Tulum that goes all the way along the beach. Only thing we thought twice about was the BIG work trucks that drove along the road, and we actually got told that one of them hit and killed a child last year :( so watch yourself for these and keep your kids close!

A "MUST DO" when you visit Mexico is to visit one of all the cenotes! I mean WOOOW!!! Cenote means fresh water and back in the days this was the place people went to get there fresh water. Today people go there for swimming and to simply enjoy these beautiful places.  

Some cenotes are free of charge to visit and some you have to pay an entrance fee to. If you go to the ones with entrance fee´s I recommend you to go early when they open!

My favorite cenote in Tulum is actually one of the small ones that did not cost a penny to visit. The name of it is Clandestino and they have a swing and chandelier, they also have a bar and serve food and the staff working there are the BEST!!! We went almost every day haha :))

If you´re intrested in history you sould also visit the ruins of Tulum. This is also a place I recommend you to visit early when they open, then you almost get the place to yourself, otherwise it´s crazy crowded, like a real tourist trap! We actually went here twice, and not because we are huge history fans, but simply because it was way to crowded for our taste the first time, so we went home and got back another day when they opened istead and yeay we had such a great experience. They have a really nice beach here as well, like breathtaking!