Universal Studios


After having some problems finding the right place, we finally got to Universal Studios. We had some "small" problems with our GPS a coule of times :P So it took us a while to find the right parking spot, but after we parked everything was super easy and smooth :)

Universal is built up just like Disney world, by several parks. We choosed to only visit one of the Universal Studio parks since we had a tight time schedule. 

I think I have to say I liked Universal´s more than Disney. I felt it was more fun for an adult without kids. I liked some of the attractions even though I didn´t hink they had anything that was totally crazy, I would have wanted some crazy rollercoaster or something like that :P

If I went back to Orlando again I could absolutely see myself visit Universal´s again, I liked it! It was a fun and pretty chill day. 

One minus was that it was hard to find "good" food inside. If you wanted real food you had to make reservations in advance, we did not know about that so the only options left was fastfood and there was not many alternatives to choose from.