Nefatari Exclusive Villas


It´s almost hard for me to write my review about this place because this was one of the places that truly touched my heart. It had this family feeling that made you feel like you where home around your family and you felt that everyone cared about you, for real, not just because you paid for your stay. 

So let me tell you a little bit more about this place and why I loved it so much.

From the second we arrived we got a warm welcome, when we went to our private Villa we got amazed! The Villa was so spaceous! The outdoor bathroom gave both me and Gustav a WOW feeling! Plus we had a big private pool with an outdoor kitchen with some free snacks every day. 

Besides that they offered free car transfer from our Villa to Ubud and back, whenever we wanted, everyday! We even got free transfer to the next hotel when it was time for us to continue our travel to explore Indonesia and Bali. Another thing I really liked, was that you could choose, free of any extra charges, to have your breakfast served in your private Villa if you preffered that instead of going to the resident restaurange. I´ve learned by travelling this much that getting your breakfast served in your room can be very expensive, but here it was just oart of the amazing service!

I recommend this place both to familys that travel with their kids, to friends who traveol together and to couples like me and Gustav, regardless of age, this is a place to enjoy your time, have fun and relax. Both me and Gustav said that when we get back to Bali and Ubud we will definitley go back to Nefatari Exclusive Villas <3