Villa Suari Padangbai


Our plan when we arrived to Indonesia was to go straight to Gili Meno. But since we arrived to Bali in the evening we had to stay our first night somewhere on Bali.

We wanted to stay somewhere close to the harbour so we could take the first boat the next morning. After doing some research we realized that we could go from several different harbours but the best one for us was the harbour in Padangbai, since that would be the shortest boat trip out to Gili Meno. 

So with that knowledge we booked a room at "Villa Suari Padangbai", just around the corner from the harbour in Padangbai.

When we booked our room there we didn´d expect much, it was a pretty cheap room and we booked it just because it was close to the harbour. But when we arrived we was so impressed! It was a BIG room with a really BIG bathroom, the service level was on top and everyone was so friendly! 

If you are in the same position as we where, that you need a place to stay in Padangbai I really recommend you this place!

But I also want to add that Padangbai might not be a place where ypu want to stay for a longer time, besides the harbour there is not so much stuff to do there. I would be restless if I stayed more than 1 day or maximum 2. It´s the perfect place to "land" and relax after a long flight before you continue your´e travel like we did. 

If I ever come back to Padangbai I will for sure stay at this place again. Thank you Villa Suari for a great start in our vacation! :)