UBUD - Market, Temples & Monkey forest


Ubud was actually one of my favorite places on Bali. I did not expect itto be that since it´s in the middle of the island, far away from the ocean and I had heard that it´s mostly just cloudy and rainy there...

We spent 5 days in Ubud and I could easily have stayed longer and I would love to go back! If you visit Ubud you have to go to the centre of Ubud and visit the market place, it´s huge, you can walk for hours! You also have to make a stop at the monkey forest but don´t bring anything valuable, the monkeys are the best thiefs... Besides that you should also go and see some of the big ricefields, they are actually pretty spectacular!

Another thing you can´t miss out on when you´re in Ubud is to visit the temples. I especially liked the water temple above, but you have several different ones to choose from.

If you visit the Monkey forest, which I think you should, I just need to tell you to leave anything of value at home and you should really have respect for the monkeys and treat the respectful. Before we went there we heard story´s from people we met along the road, storys about how these monkeys bit people and how the steel from the tourist´s. Well let me say like this, I just brought a bottle of water and it took maximum 5 minutes before they ran up to me and grabbed my bottle and tried to steal it. A little bit later we saw a young woman getting her backpack stolen, 4 monkeys had a party on it, took out everything inside and when people tried to approach to get it back they attacked and tried to bite... I just want you to be aware of this.