Mason Elephant Lodge & Park


If you want a little different experience you should visit Mason Elephant Lodge and park. They describe themselves like this:

Welcome to Bali's "Most Unique" Hotel and the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2018 Winner for Best Luxury Lodge in Asia and Best Luxury Eco Safari Lodge in the World. We are committed to providing our guests with a once in a lifetime experience amongst Bali's largest herd of rescued Sumatran elephants. Staying at the Lodge is a rewarding experience as you can interact in numerous ways with these majestic creatures and get up close & personal with them. The park is fully committed to conservation and has set new standards in how to care for elephants in a purpose-built environment. Here you can see that they are well cared for in a healthy and stimulating environment that caters to all their daily needs. 

I have to say that I agree to every word above! This place is for sure something extra! It´s not just a ark where you get to interact with animals, is so much more! It was a really educational meeting, and I was s happy to not only get to meet the elephants but to also meet the hard working staff and get to know them a little bit more. I was so impressed by these people who truly have devoted their lifes to the elephants

CLICK HERE to come to their webpage to read more about the park <3