La Vanille Nature Park


Visiting La Vanille Nature Park was without any doubt one of my favorite experiences during our trip to Mauritius! We had such a great day, it was educatrional, the staff was Amazing both with the animals and with us as visitors.

From the bottom of my heart I recommend you to visut this park <3

I recommend you to get a ticket that let you go and feed the younger turtoises in the park. It was a very special moment and you got to have them all for yourself for a while. Besides meeting all the turtoises and getting to feed them we got to see a lot of other animals and I even got to feed some bats. I had never seen bats up Close like that Before but they where really cool :)

One more thing I recommend you to try during your visit is to try Crocodile meat in their resaturant. I didn´t know what to expect but it was really good, kind of like chicken.

Some info about the park

La Vanille Nature Park is the world´s largest breeder of Aldabra Tortoises, with more than 700 Aldabra Tortoises in the park. Here in the park you have the chance to interact with the adult turtoises, like petting them, feeding them & even take selfies with them :)

Beside´s that they have over 100 Nile Crocodiles in the park and every day at 11,30 they have a Crocodile feeding show where visitors get the chance to see them eating.

They also have other animals like iguanas, lemurs, alligators, mauritian bats, goats, poneys and donkeys.

Besides the animals, there are 3 museums, "The lost land of the dodo", "Fossil museum" & the "insect mueum" with over 25,000 species of insects.

While you are visiting the park you can also visit their restaurant and try their speciality that is Crocodile meat.