Venice Review


I´ve been to Venice once before, but I was way to young to remember it. This time I can promise you that I will remember this trip forever! WOW!

We truly had some wonderful days in Venice. We where true tourists and did all of the standard tourist attractions, but we also got the chance to get some private guided tour and got to see some sides of Venice that you might not normally get the chance to see...

During our stay in Venice we lived at Ai Mori dÒriente hotel which we LOVED! It was the perfect place to come back to in the evening and have a relaxed and romantic time. During the days we where like I said busy being tourists. With all the canals and charming buildings to stroll around, and so much history to see, Venice is the perfect place to be a tourist at :)

I was not so impressed by the restaurants in Venice but I really loved all thos small "holes´" in the walls where you could get som food to bring wth you. So cozy to go and sit on bench next to the canal and just have a romantic moment away from everyone else. The pizza slices to left was actually the best pizza I ever eaten and I found it at a place that´s called "Happy Pizza" close to Piazza San Marco.

Piazza San Marco is also a place worth mentioned! We went there everyday, at least once a day, really loved that place! I read somewhere that it´s knowned as the "livingoom" of Venice and I could really get why :)

Another "most do" in Venice is the gondola rides! You have not truly been to Venice if you don´t go on a gondola ride! 

They are a bit expensive but it´s the same price on them everuwhere so it dosen´t really matter where you take your boat. BUT, yu should ask yourself wht you want to see during your boat trip, you can either go out on the big canals or take a gondola ride inside the smaller canals.

We picked one where we got a little bit of both :)

Above yu can see so more pictures from Piazza San Marco. Hopefully youré not affraid of birds because they are literally everywhere :P For me who are crazy about animals, no matter what kind, it was just a big plus :)

Another beautiful place worth visiting is Palazzo Ducale. It´s so fascinating to see all this buildings that mankind have created, blows my mind away sometimes!