WOW Portugal! What a beautiful country you are! I was blown away with a landscape that reminded me of both Bali and Greece but I was happy to see how green it was everywhere.

So we where in Portugal for 6 days total, we arrived Thursday and went back home Tuesday afternoon. As soon as we arrived at the airport we picked up our rental car that we rented from Avis. Then we spent our 6 days exploring the coast line between Peniche and Portimao. First we drove from Lisboa to Peniche and spent our first night in Peniche at MH Atlantico. The next day we explored Peniche before we kept on driving to Sintra. We made some stops along the way like Ericeira and looked at different surf spots for our upcoming trip to Portugal later this year,

We spent one night in Sintra at Arribas Sintra Hotel and did a lot of sightseeing around Sintrabefore we continued our roadtrip down along the coast. My favorite spots in Sintra was Pena Palace and Cabo Da Roca.

Next stop was Setubal and then Troia Peninsula which was one of our favorite places in Portugal. We rented our own apartment at the beach and we had an amazing time here. The beach was really nice and we could easily have stayed here much longer. Besides long beachwalks and fine dining along the marina you have a great golf course here as well. In Setubal I can recommend you to visit Rockalot by the ocean if you want to eat and want great food, service and location :) At Troia Peninsula I would recommend you to go to the Marina for food and visit Restaurante El Cristo. 

After Setubal and Troia we continued to drive down along the coast line. We made some different stops like Sines, Fort of Pesseguiero, Ponta Da Piedade, Lagos & Portimao before we went back up to Cascais again.

We spent our last 2 days in Cascais. It felt like a perfect place to end the road trip since it´s out at the coast line but still pretty close to the airport. We stayed at Eurostar Cascais which we loved, and we also find some great surf spots.

Portugal is definitely a country I want to visit again! And I really recommend you to do like us and rent a car and drive along the coast line. There are so many bautiful places to see that you just can´s stay at one place during a whole visit! And one other thing I have to say, the food, wow! The food was really good! Not one time did we get dissapointed about the food! I usually have problem finding really nice food when I´m visiting new countries. Most of the time it just feels like tourist traps. Expensive food cooked without any love at all. But here in Portugal we got served food that was among the best food I ever eaten!