Neither one of us had ever heard about this paradise place. If you would have asked us like 1 month before we got here we would not have a clue it even existed.

As we where traveling around the Caribbean without any direct plans made we kind of lived for the day. So After our stop in Jamaica we searched the maps to decide where to go next and that´s how we find this little island and started our research about it.

Pretty quickly we fell in love with what we saw, it all looked like paradise, turquise water, white beaches, and beautiful nature. 

Well, what more did we need to more, tickets and hotel got booked and we where on the next flight over!

Arriving to Turks & Caicos did not dissapoint us! WOW! How could we never have heard about this place??? Maybe it´s not a common place to visit if you´re from Scandinavia, it´s not really like we jst can take a direct flight haha, but I really want to recommend people to with this place a thought! It might be a long trip to make it here, but trust me, it will be ALL WORTH IT!

Somehow it felt very private and luxury, and let´s not forget the word easy! Especially easy, everything just felt so easy here. I really loved this place!

Let´s talk a little bit about our hotel. We stayed at Blue haven resort, which is an all inclusive hotel that´s part of a few other hotels on the island. So by staying there you have free shuttle service all day lone to visit the other hotels and use there facitilities as well, like eat there for free, use there beaches and pools and do varies of activities, that kind of service was great and we used it several times! :)

We really loved our hotel and would REALLY recommend you to stay here if you´re visiting Turks and Caicos! GREAT FOOD! Amazing staff! You have to say Hi to Elvis who works at the beach bar (serves drinks and food), he´s our all time faaaaavorite guy! :))

Besides recommending this hotel during your stay, I really recommend you to take the shuttle (for free) in to town one night and visit the "fish fry". It was the best experience! It´s like a big outdoor party where the locals meet up and just put on a big show we street food and local music and dancing. I could not stop smiling, it was so GREAT! 

So to some this up, am I recommending this place? YES!!! BIG TIME!!! If you want a really great vacation, that will really be just that, vacation, this is the place to go and enjoy! Visit Turks and Caicos! You will not be dissapointed!!! <3