Maybe you´ve seen these amazing pictures on social media where it appares like someone is levitating in the picture. It´s not magic I promise, but it´s actually as easy as if it would have been. So, let me tell you how it´s done :)

Before we start with the actual steps on how it´s done, I would like to talk a little bit about what you need for this and also a few things to have in mind.

You need:

  • A tripod
  • A mobile phone
  • Download PicsArt app

Before you start: 

  • I always think it´s a great idea to plan your picture/video before you start, this is no exception. Think about where you want to take the photo, who or even maybe what will be levitating and so on...
  • Later on to make this happen we will be taking 2 pictures and my recommendation is to find a spot/location where the light & the surroundings will stay pretty much the same during both of your shots.
  • Search for inspiration! There´s nothing wrong in looking at other peoples work to get inspiration. Search on social media & internet in general to see what others have done and if you find inspiration there, try to adapt it into something that would have your name on it! :) 

Okey, let´s do this!

1. Our first step is to take two pictures. It´s very important during this step that the camera/phone is in the exact same spot when both pictures are being taken. That´s why we´re using a tripod.

Start by taking a picture of your location/spot only. You (or the person who´s gonna be levitating) will NOT be in this picture. I usually take 2-3 shots at least just to have back up in case there will be some light differences or something like that. 

Now you're ready for your second picture, just remember to have the camera in the exact same spot as the first oneit's very important! During this step we want to make someone or something levitate...

For example for the second picture, find something that you can balance on, a small chair, a ladder, anything that will help you be up in the air. You can see my pictures below to get an idea of it.

Picture nr:1 shows my first picture of the location/spot.
Picture nr:2 shows me in that same location/spot, but as you can see I´m balancing on top of a footstool.
Picture nr:3 shows the result when these to pictures are combined. 

In the following steps I´m gonna teach you how to combine these pictures. If you want you can save my photos to practice with :)

2. Our second step is to open the app Picsart. 
 - Start a new project by pressing the + sign (in the middle at the bottom)
 - Scroll down to the bottom to "Color Backgrounds" and choose the first one, the transparent one
 - Now it´s time to crop it in the right size. To do this you press "tools" and the you press "crop". If you want your picture to be a regular insta post you should choose the size called "portrait" or 5:4. If you want to post  a instagram story simply choose the size "story" or 9:16, then press apply.

3. Now we´re getting ready to let the magic happen :)
 - Press "add photo"
 - Choose to add the picture you first took, the one with only the location/spot showing
 - Make sure to fit the picture inside your transparent background and then press apply. (You can't change this photo after you pressed apply so take your time and make sure you're satisfied with how it's placed.

4. Press "add photo" once again and this time you add the picture of the location/spot that
also have you in it
 - Make sure to fit the picture correctly on top of the first picture
 - It´s very important that the lay exactly right on top of eachother
 - Before you press "apply" this time you have one last step to do, erase the thing you´re sitting/lying/standing on
 - Now you´re ready to press apply and then you can save/download your photo and it´s ready for you to post :)

When you have your photo saved it's up to you if you want to keep edit it, change any colors, lights and so on, but now you have your levitation picture! Good job! :)

I really hope you liked this episode and I´m looking forward to see your edits. Tag me in your picture so I can share them on my Instagram as well :)

If you have any questions or need help with anything, or just want to let me know you liked this course just leave me a note below and I´ll get back to you! <3