It´s time to bring home my sandals from Venice!


Just got back home from Prague and I´m already have travel abstinence :P I love my home and I love Sweden, but that dont´change the fact that I want to see as much as possible from the rest of the world as well :)

Usually we travel for longer periods, but when we went to Prague we just made to a little weekend trip since it was so close to Sweden and the flight was so short. I did´nt think weekend trips was something for me, but I most say that it´s the perfect way to travel when you don´t feel you really have the time to go somewhere and when you don´t need to spend to many hours on the flight.

So right now I´m looking for some more weekend trips around Europe before the winter comes. I´ve been looking on Budapest, Venice, Nice and Paris.

I´ve been to Venice before, but when I was a child so I don´t really remember that much, I just remember that I left my sandals because I really wanted to come back sometime :) So I guess it´s time to go back to Venice to bring home my sandals again :P

Do you have any suggestions on great weekend trips around Europe? :)