I´m in love with Nice! There is so much to see and do and no matter if you just want to have a chill day or a day full with activities you will have a lot of options.

I´m gonna list my personal top 5 and tell you a little bit more about them below, but let me tell you this, it was not easy picking out just 5 things from Nice, there was soooo much I loved that I could easily have picked a lot more!

My top 5 things to do/see in Nice:

  • Massena square
  • Promenade de Anglais
  • Russian Orthodox Cathedral
  • La Colline du Chateau 
  • Rue Bonaparte 

Massena square

I recommend you to visit Massena square both during daytime and in the evening, it´s such a beautiful spot when it´s get darker outside and they light it up with all the lights. Massena square is the head square in Nice and here you can see the big apollo staty/fountain.

Promenade de Anglais

If you have the chance, book a hotel with a room with a view over Promenade de Anglais. We stayed at Radisson Blu Nice and had the mist amazing view over the promande and the ocean. It was spectacular to wake up to this view every morning and being able to eat breakfast and roomservice at our terrace.

I also recommend you to rent bikes and go on a bike tour along the whole promenade, it´s a pretty long walk if you want to see everything (my recommendation), but with bikes you can easily go back and forth how many times you want :) All the bigger hotels offer bike rental to their visitors, but book your bike in advance because the are very popular even when it´s not high season in Nice.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Spectacular building that I think you should go and see. I loved it extra much because the whole place was surrounded by little rabbit bunnies :)) The entry is free of charge and the staff is very friendly. 

La Colline du Chateau 

A spectacular viewpoint that gives you the perfect view over whole Nice. Beautiful both during daytime and in the evening. You have some café up there but they only take cash. You also have some nice waterfalls to see.

If you don´t want to walk all the way up you can take an elevator to the top, just check what time it´s running, high season it´s usually open until 20,00 and during of season around 17,30.

Rue Bonaparte (Old nice)

Go here and eat! Super cozy place with a lot of restaurants to choose from. Superfriendly staff everywhere and no matter what kind of food you want you´ll find it here :)