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Hi guys, how are you all doing? I really hoping you get to stay healthy and full of energy! There are some real special times w´re all going through right now, it doesn´t matter where we live, it still affects us all in some way...

I have not always been the best to try to pamper my body with healthy things. It´s not that I´ve been very unhealthy either, it´s just that I have not felt the need to be healthy.

That´s something thats really changed lately. Not because of Corona, I startedmy routines before, but maybe I feel extra need for it right now because of everything that´s going on.

Anyway, I have already talked to you both here and on my Instagram (@TheBikergirl) many times about my love for the products from Superfruit. As you know you´ll get 20% discount when you use my code super20 (works on ordinary prices). Just CLICK HERE to come directly to Superfruit and all the amazing products to help you boost your immunsystem and just live a healthier life.

If you think it´s hard to know where to start, I can really recommend you this starter package, which gives you both some great energy and boost your immunsystem. 

Besides this start package I would recommend you to get some "Spirulina powder". This is a product I´ve been using of and on for a year now, and I´ve decided to continue to eat it everyday now since I can feel so big difference from when I´m eating it or not. It makes me feel more alive and I don´t get sick as easy when I´m eating it on a daily basis. So I truly recommend you to try it. It takes me about 10-14 days before I can feel the real difference, so give it a chance but continue to eat it daily afterwards as well! It´s not the most super tasteful product itselfs but just blend it into a smoothie and it will all be good :)

Beside´s this I would also love to recommend you to check out Twilfit who´s currently are having some AMAZING prices on their webpage! And if you´re one of those who are working from home or If your home being sick (I´m thinking of you and hope you feel better very soon <3), well, if you´re at home I have the best tips for you right HERE! Get some cozy cozy stay-at-home-clothes or underwear, spoil yourself a little bit and still save some money while doing it. Beside´s their sale they are having some really great offers and I both got some new underwear and new bikinis yesterday, just wanted to tip you about it <3


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