The Boat trip


If you are visiting The Caribbean you just have to go on a boat trip! Snorkeling and diving in these waters are just magical!

It dosen´t really matter what kind of boat you are going out on, but my recommendation is to rent your private boat. If you go on the regular tourist boat trips you will be way to many people in the same boat and you will for sure not get the same experiance as on a private boat.

Natural pools

Ask the guide/boat driver to take you to a "natural pool", that´s just something you have to see!

It´s almost unbelievable how blue and crystal clear the water is in the natural pools located out in the open water. They are the perfect spots for snorkeling & diving!

This boat trip is a memory for Life! We got to see starfish´s and dolphin´s & I even had a stingray swiming just below me.