Test: KTM 390 Adventure


So today was the day, the day I've been waiting for! And what a day!!!

As you know I've been away from bikes for 1 year because of my surge, and even before that I could ride as usual for some time... So today was the kick start of my way back to where I used to be on the bikes, and what a start haha, had Iike 8 hours on the bike. I guess I'm gonna feel this in my body tomorrow ;)

Well why am I telling you this know. It's important for me to explain that so you understand why it took me a while to get comfortable on the bike. At first I was struggling a bit. The bike felt huge for and I was kind of insecure. The worst struggle was inside my head. I hate the feeling of being the one that slows the group down. But everyone took really good care of me and supportive and pushed me further, grateful for that. But the struggle for yourself is still there and I really did my best to push myself!

As the day went by my confidence grew and the gutter on we got it just felt better and better. In the end of the day the bike didn't even feel as big anymore.

But I most say, wow what a bunch of great riders I had around me, I was so impressed and now I'm super inspired and motivated to come home and start practice immediately! I can honestly say that even though if I would not have been away from riding for this long I would not have been close to what those other guys where. I have a lot of work ahead of me to develop my skills on the bike. But even if I'm not the best rider out there I'm really good at having fun while riding, and for me that's what it's all about in the end! So I guess thats also my message to all of you out there! You don't have to be the best you just have to have fun! Get out there on your bike and have fun!!! <3

Now I'm gonna head down to tonight's dinner with the rest of the crew, then I'm gonna have a good night sleep and let all the impressions from today sink in completely. So that tomorrow I can write a good review about what I think of the bike we tried today, the 390 Adventure from KTM.