Surgery done!


Hi everyone! 

First I want to say sorry for the bad update lately. But I had the surgery on my shoulder 3 weeks ago and after that I have not been allowed to do much more than relax. 

I´m still in pretty much pain, having big trouble sleeping, so I´m super tired all the time. But I´m not complaining about it, it could be much worse and I know that in a few weeks or months my shoulder will be much better and hopefully it wont dislocate anymore! :) 

However, I might not be allowed to lift things or be "to active", but hey, relax you can do thatr thing wherever you are in the world, right ;) So my trip to Portugal is still up as planned! So on thursday we´re flying to Lisboa to celebrate easter :) After that we´ll only be home for 1 day and then we´re off to Malta :) It will be my first time in both Portugal and Malta so I´m super excited! :)) 

After Malta we will be home for 2 days and then we´re going to Venice/Italy. I have not been there since I was a little kiddo, so I´m super excited about that as well :) And, after Venice we´re going to Amsterdam, that´s the trip I got as a birthday present from Gustav so that trip means a little bit extra to me! <3

So as you can see, even do I´m in a lot of pain and I can´t do much activities I have so many fun things to look forward to! :)) 

See you on thursday Portugal! :) 

AND!!! If anyone of you have tips on things to do/see in Portugal, Malta, Venice or Amsterdam please let me know :)) <3