Spain with KTM!


Iiiiiiiiiih!!!! One month left until I´m going to Spain with KTM! :) I´m feeling like the happiest kiddo in the world! Can you imagine what a dream come true this is to me??? :)) I´ll never forget that call when they asked me to come along for this, I was like yes yes yes yes yes yes yes please, thank you!!! :D

So the plan is to fly to Lanzarote - Spain, together with KTM and then I´m gonna test the new motorcycles for 2020, I mean PLEEEEEASE!!!! PINCH ME!!! It´s been a couple of months since I got the question and I´ve been thinking about this everyday since! Can´t believe it´s only one month away now, I think it will be a really unforgettable weekend and I feel so grateful for this opportunity, THANK YOU KTM for bringing me along!!! <3