So much fun to look forward to!


OMG! I´m feeling so happy! There is so much going on right now and some of it feels almost unreal, but they´re not! :))

First up is our next trip, and we´re actually leaving on friday already... Feels like we just got back home from Maldives. So on friday we´re flying to Florida - USA. We gonna be away 4 weeks total, but we gonna travel around and see different countries. 

We´re actually starting with a ship cruise around caribbean. We gonna be away ion the boat for 5 nights and make a stop in both Haiti and Jamaica :) So many of you asked for a budget trip as well so we thought we should do this cruise to show you a way to see a lot but not need to spend to much. Thanks to this trip we have both transport and a place to sleep plus all inclusive food on the boat all includded in the price, and the total price was about the same as only the flight tickets would have been to 1 of these places... So yeah I think this was a smart way trying to make the trip more budget friendly :)

After the boat trip, actually just a few hours after we get of the boat in Florida again we will fly to Turcs & Caicos islands to celebrate christmas. We will be there for 1 week and this one week with hotel + flight tickets costed about 4 times as much as the boat trip with everything included. 

After Turcs & Caicos islands we´re going back to Florida again and then we have about 2,5 week left that we still have not made our final choices about how we will be spending that time... We have a few different countries in mind so I guess we´ll see what we will go for :D

Wfter this trip I´m actually planning on staying in Sweden for about 6 weeks. I have a lot of work ahead of me so I need some time at home. But then the first weekend in March I have an up coming trip that I´m soooooooo happy about!!! Can´t wait to tell you more about this tri but for now all I can say is that it include bikes :))