Snorkeling - boat trip


I truly fell in love with snorkeling when we visited Mauritius earlier this year. So I was so excited about going snorkeling again when we got to Rhodes! :)

Gustav had bought me my ow snorkeling Equipment, pink ones of course ;) I was super happy about that and it made snorkeling even more fun :P But if you dont have your own stuff you can easily rent in or if you go out on boat trips they usually have it for you to borrow. And if you would like to buy your own they sell it at most market places around Rhodes :)

We did several snorkeling adventures. Both by ourself and with a private guided boat trip. I highly recomend both! But if you go on a boattrip, do like we did, book a private one so you can stop at any places you like and stay there for as long as you want! It was so worth having our own boat and guide! We booked the boat trip with "Rhodes Rib boat tour", you´ll find them on instagram: @Rhodes_rib_boat_tour and I truly recomend them!

If you want to take your car to a Place to snorkle I recomend Anthony Quinns Bay.