We had not planned to make a stop in Slovakia, our plan was to just drive through it on our way from Czech Republic to Hungary. But as we where getting closer to Slovakia, Gustav noticed some signs for Bratislava and really wanted to make a stop there. And that´s what I really love with road trips, you can remake your plans how many times you want :) So with that said, we of course drove to Bratislava and spent the day there :) 

Since we did not plan this stop we had made zero research of this place and did not no much about what to explore. But we found this beautiful castle that we totally fell in love with, it had a great view over the lake donaue and the building itself was just so beautiful.

We strolled around for a while and had our car parked in a garage just next to the castle. We also had our dinner in Bratislava today and I must say everyone we met have been soooo friendly, I just love people here! <3