Siddharta Café Prague


One of the first things that pops up in my mind when I think of staying the night at a hotel is the hotel breakfast. I just LOVE hotel breakfast! But with that love comes high expectations! Sometimes you get disappointed and sometimes you even get blown away! During my stay at Buddha Bar Hotel in Prague I was totally blown away!!!

In the same building as the hotel you have a place called Siddharta Café Prague, you just take the elevator directly down to it on the entrance floor, next to the reception. Here you can eat breakfast and the also serve food during the day/evening.

Let me tell yoy more about the breakfast :) You can come here and eat breakfast even if you don´t stay at the hotel, you just pay for your breakfast when you get there. Besides there breakfast buffé you can order side dishes and hot beverage. PLEASE order pancakes with fruit! OMG! I ordered these everyday, they was awesome! Well everything was awesome but I can´t imagine staying there and miss out on those pancakes :) So do yourself a favor and give yourself a great start on each day by ordering them pancakes ;) 

Beside those pancakes and all the rest on the menu that´s just perfect, the service is really great! They will make sure you have everything you wish for and that you´re more than pleased with everything. Siddharta Café Prague have my warmest recommendations! :)