Seamless pants from Casall!


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Okey, I know I mostly just talk about travelling here. But I just have to take a moment to tell you about my new favorite workout pants! :)

I´ve teamed up with a personal trainer to get my body strong enough to get back to FMX (freestyle motocross) next year. I´m supermotivated! 

I dont jknow if it´s a "girl-thing", but having nice workout clothes really makes me extra motivated and happy about going to the gym :P Having clothes you feel comfortable and good looking in is important to me. So that´s why I got so happy when I found these seamless pants from Casall

They give the best support to your legs and ass and they look so good! I need to buy myself a couple of extra ones so I have some in stock ;)

About the size on these ones.... Normally I always wear XS, but these pants are made from size small. I would say they are a bit smaller than regular so I would recommend you to go up one size. I bought them in small and they are perfect for me, I would not be able to have any smaller :)

CLICK HERE to shop these pants :)