Road trip deluxe!


So we are currently planning a road trip around Europe. It all started with a really big desire of visiting south of Albania. When we realized the airport is in north of Albania we started looking at other options, like flying to greece and take a boat to Albania or rent a car and drive...

I guess it was somewhere around here the idea abput this road trip came alive. I was looking at the map and I saw that Hungery was in between Sweden and Albania and that we would cross there while driving. We already planned to visit Hungary and Budapest this summer so why not take the car and visit both Albania and Hungery during the same trip and also get to see so many more countries :))

Nothing is 100% decided yet, it is all just plans, but hey you know me, when I start to think about something it usually happens :P

If this road trip will come to action we will be visiting 14 countries, well 15 if we count Sweden that will be our start and end destination ;)

So the trip will start in Stockholm/Sweden and we will then drive down along Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungery, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece to finally land in Albania a few days before we start our drive back home again. On the way back we will take another rout, so we get to see different things, so on the way back we will drive from Albania, to Montenegro, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Denmark and then Sweden and back home again.

We will be staying 1-2 nights in different countries along the way but Albania will be the country where we stay the longest. But we will not book anything in advance, just go with the flow and stay where we want for as long as we want :)

If there is anyone of you who have made a long road trip like this please leave a comment and give me some advice :)

Thank you! <3