Riding dirtbike´s in Mauritius?!?


Spending every free moment I have right now to search for the possibility to rent some dirtbike´s to be able to explore Mauritius from a bike. That´s my big dream, to be able to explore every place I visit from a bike.

Now I might have found a Place up in Trou Aux Biches, Mauritius,  were you might be able to rent dirtbikes. So I´m crossing my fingers for luck and hoping that this will be possible :) Would be a Dream coming true :))

Riding dirtbikes in the Dominican Republic really made our trip into something extra! We got to meet so many locals and see how they lived, it made our visit unforgettable! So I truly hope we will be able to do the same thing on Mauritius :)

Picture from one of our dirtbike trips in the Dominican Republic.
Met a really nice family that let us cut our own coconuts :)