Private dinner


Had the most amazing evening! We booked a private dinner for 2 with only the pool and the beach/ocean in front of us. We got our own little hideaway, with Candle light and blankets to give us privacy. So cozy & romantic, I truly recommend you to do this at least once, it´s really a special moment :)

We ordered startes, main course and desert, primarly to really get to enjoy our private dinner for as long as possible :P It felt really exklusive having your own Place but the thuing I really liked was that you truly got some alone and romantic time, just for the 2 of us. It was sooooo romantic and I´m so happy for this evening! <3

After the dinner when we came back up to our suite, the hotel staff had spread out roses and put on some Candle light´s and there was a bubble bath with roses for us, it sure made the evening perfect! Thank you so much Angsana Balaclava Mauritius for making our stay just perfect! We are so grateful <3