One week left until Tenerife!


It´s been some turbulent last few days... first I got sick, I still am but I´m starting to feel better.,. It´s so typical when you have a BIG trip ahead of you that you been longing for, for soooo long, and then you get sick. Besides thatwe all could read in the newspaper a few days ago about the Corona virus hitting Tenerife and putting over 1000 people in quarantine.... 

So suddenly it wasn´t sure that we could go on our trip anymore. But a few minutes ago I finally got the call I´ve been waiting for, the trip is ON as planned and scheduled! :) 

So on thursday next week I´m flying from Stockholm to Tenerife to spend 4 days together with people from all over the world and test drive this years KTM motorcycles, WHAT A SICK DREAM COMING TRUE!!! :))

This is a message to all the kids out there, and all the adults as well for that matter,  NEVER, EVER, STOP DREAMING & NEVER, EVER STOP CHASING & WORKING HARD for thoes dreams to come true! <3