Occidental Punta Cana


Sitting behind a computer, comparing hotels, trying to decide which one to go for, I think that can be pretty hard sometimes. Youré looking at all the pictures, wondering if reality can keep up with them. And after you make that final decision all you can do is wait until you get there to know if you booked the right one...

"5 stars & ALL inclusive"

I don´t know how many hours I spent on comparing hotels for this trip. But I finally decided to go for Occidental Punta Cana, a 5 star hotel with all inclusive.

When we arrived to the hotel, the taxi dropped us off at the entrance/lobby. We could hardly believe how big it was, and Beautiful! It was like it never ended! From the first second we got the best service and treatment we possible could ask for. A Little golf car picked us up and took us and our luggage to our room down by the beach.

Everything was just perfect, the pictures I´ve seen at home on my computer was now reality. The room was perfect, the pools were perfect, the beach, the palms, the staff, the restaurants, everything!

One thing i liked was the many different choices when it came to food. Besides the buffe restaurant there was a lot of different choices, like an Italian restaurant, a Mexican, a Asian, a seafood, a grill/meat restaurant and so on... It was fun to try different things everyday and what i really liked was that you always got like a 3-4 course dinner or even more. It kind of felt luxuary, felt like we got spoiled everyday.

One thing you need to do if you stay here is to book a massage! If youré travelling with someone you love book a couples massage. The price list are okey, it´s not cheap but it´s not expensive either, normal prices I guess. But the massages are Amazing! They take such good care of you! If you wanna book a massage ask for Charles, he will make sure your in good hands :)

"I would say it´s a good hotel for everyone"

I really want to go back to the Dominican Republic and I would love to stay at Occidental Punta Cana again. It was the perfect hotel! They had it all and the location is perfect as well. I would recommend this hotel to everyone. Young, old, couple´s familys with kids & seniors.

A would personally like to send out an extra thanks to Farmin in the reception for taking the best care of us from the first second! You truly made our visit to something extra! They should be lucky to have a guy like you there! :)