Nusa Penida


We took a day trip to Nusa Penida Island while we where staying at Nusa Lembongan. It´s just a short boat trip between the Islands. We was thinking about going by ourself and rent a scooter to drive across the Island to explore. But then we finally decided to book a private driver to take us to the top selection spots. That´s on of the best decisions we ever taken!

Even though Nusa Penida is a "small" Island, it´s still really far between all the spots and the roads are not really worth Calling roads most of the times. So to hav someone that knows exactly the best way to go all the time was really something we appreciated that day!

And not only did we get a private driver, we also got our own photagrapher ;) AWESOME!!!

We Went to 5 different places, Tree house, Diamond beach, Angels Billabong, Broken beach and Kelingking Cliff. We really liked all places but our favorite spots where Diamond beach and Kelingking Cliff. 

There are more places to see at Nusa Penida but because of the distance between them you need at least 2 Days to explore if you want to see more. We was out all day and we just did some Quick stops at every location to be able to see these 5 places during one day.

I would totally recommend you to go visit Nusa Penida! It´s one of our top 3 places in Indoesia! :)