My valentine´s day!


I really hope you all had a nice valentine´s day, even if you are single o in a relationship. For me valentine is about love, and not only love for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I mean love in general, love for friends and family.

So let me tell you a little bit about my valentine´s day :) First I started the day with a lovely valentine´s brunch at Adviral headoffice together with a bunch of other amazing influencers, I just loooove meeting other people who trust their hearts and follow their dreams :)

We where served an amazing and tasty brunch and then we got a really nice goodiebag filled with great things that I´m looking forward to try and show you later :) 

When I got back home I got a flowers from my boyfriend Gustav and then we had a cozy evening together at home. We cooked food together, we actually had a barbecue even though it´s winter here, but I don´t i ever had a winter as warm as this one, I have still not gotten any snow at home and it feels like spring time...

Well enough said about the weather :P My valentine´s day was just perfect if you ask me, I´m feeling blessed to have such great people around med and I´m forever greatful for having a man like Gustav in my life, I hope we will get to be this happy for the rest of our lives! <3